Unquestionably good dog treats.

Simple Ingredients. Locally made.
No question about it.

Simple Ingredients. Locally made. No question about it.

To Humans:
What makes our treats better? We look at them five different ways. We consider: Who our treats are for. What they’re made of (and just as important, what they’re not made of). When you receive them, because freshness matters even in the treat world. Where we can be even more thoughtful and intentional about the products we make. And why we exist—to make the world a more sustainable place, one package at a time.
To Dogs:
Bark, bark bark. Bark woof bark.

A thoughtful, local dog supply company

We are deeply conscious of the ingredients in our dog treats as well as every part of our products. We are passionate about using only sustainable ingredients, recyclable packaging and efficient distribution.

100% All Natural

We know that in our modern society, what’s convenient isn’t always what’s best. That’s why I hand-selected a limited number of tasty, organic ingredients, so you don’t have to compromise nutrition to fit your busy lifestyle. We only get so many years with our furry friends; don’t they deserve the best?

Tested Treats


All Natural

Local Partners

Zoey loves FiveW treats. Her mom loves the ingredients list. It’s nice to finally have a brand I can whole heartedly trust to keep my girl happy and healthy!

– Becca MaKenzie

FiveW pets is where it’s at!! My chocolate lab Lilly goes crazy for their all natural, organic, homemade HEALTHY treats! It gives me piece of mind that I can give her yummy treats without the guilt of feeding her fillers and god only knows what else those other treats are made of. As an over protective Dog Mom I HIGHLY recommend FiveW pet treats!

– Madalynn Opper

I have the pickiest dog in the world. Most nights he eats better than the rest of my family... for example T-bone steak... The entire time we’ve had him, he’s only liked one brand of dog treat, and admittedly, it’s not the healthiest on the market. We’ve searched high and low for a healthy alternative to no avail... UNTIL we got a free sample of dog treats from FiveW Pets. Our picky little eater loved them. Finally a healthy option. Thanks FiveW Pets! We look forward to doing business in the future!

-Kelli Scheiner