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FiveW Pet Treats
FiveW pet treats
After growing up in a house full of pets, Keith Remelts knew that animals would play a significant part in his future. The West Michigan native recently sold his Rockford home and returned to his native Grand Rapids to launch FiveW Pets – a thoughtful company creating quality pet products without compromise.

Keith’s goal is to help pet parents with the health and well-being of their pets by providing all-natural, locally sourced, environmentally conscious treats for fur babies of all shapes and sizes.

After realizing that pet parents often opt for convenience over quality, Keith recognized the opportunity to help owners and animals alike by producing an alternative to off-the-shelf dog treats with better quality ingredients and environmentally conscious production.

No stranger to helping others, Keith is a long-time volunteer at Gilda’s Club in Grand Rapids. The organization, founded by comedienne Gilda Radner’s husband, and her cancer therapist, Gilda’s Club provides support and assistance to people on any kind of cancer journey, and to their families and friends.

History of FiveW pets

However, FiveW is not just making ordinary dog cookies. The five W’s in the brand name stand for Who, What, When, Where, and Why and are a constant reminder of what Keith Remelts insists that his business focus on – locally sourced ingredients, responsible production, environmentally conscious packaging, and healthy products that helps pet owners provide quality cookies to their fur babies.

In other words, Keith wants to run a thoughtful company. By starting with a responsible approach to business, his plan puts environmental concerns, waste management, and sustainability into the process before anything is even produced.

FiveW’s commitment to a more sustainable future

Already thinking about his company’s future, Keith’s plan for FiveW Pets includes a focus on the creation of packaging that goes beyond single-use. After a career in alternative fuel technology, Keith understands the idea of sustainability better than most. With that experience behind him, he hopes to reduce the waste that ends up in his customer’s trash bins and the impact his business has on the planet.

Interested in promotional products that give your business that “thoughtful touch”?

Keith’s plan also includes customized treats for businesses, which will allow companies to brand the packaging, and the actual cookie itself. Given out as promotional items, FiveW products would provide a more responsible, better quality product that pet owners are more likely to grab and go.

FiveW Pets is not just making dog biscuits. Keith is carefully monitoring the source and quality of the ingredients they contain while simultaneously watching the effects of production and packaging on the environment, and on others.

Keith Remelts worries about dogs.
FiveW Pet Treats
FiveW Pet Treats
FiveW Pet Treats