Unquestionably good dog treats.
Simple Ingredients. Locally made. No question about it.

For Keith Remelts founder of FiveW Pets, sustainability is not a buzzword, but the ETHOS of our Grand Rapids-based dog treat company. FiveW believe that sustainability is a RESPONSIBILITY a company has in doing any type of business. Keith has thoughtfully considered the environment when designing and choosing packaging materials, source ingredients and supporting local.

After a career in alternative fuel technology, Keith understands the idea of sustainability better than most. With that experience behind him, FiveW pet treats were designed to reduce the waste that ends up in trash bins. The adorable cloth bags used to hold FiveW treats are not only reusable but are perfect for dog walks. They are meant to be washed and reused to serve a variety of purposes. We will post about ideas shortly. The plastic used to keep our treats fresh is not an oil-based plastic but is made from plants and is also biodegradable.

FiveW has Partnered with Eco-Enclose to source our sustainable packaging materials. They are well-known experts in helping companies big and small find packaging solutions that are better for the environment.

Sustainability is one of our core values and as we mentioned earlier, it is FiveW’s Responsibility to find planet friendly solutions. Equally important is the responsibility to create healthy safe treats for our best friends. FiveW prides itself on baking treats from scratch. Using only the best ingredients to create a tail-wagging response from your pup while encouraging an active lifestyle.

How are FiveW treats different?

  • Majority of ingredients are certified non GMO
  • All Vegan Ingredients
  • Homemade peanut butter using only peanuts
  • Baked local and fresh before shipment
  • Sourced local whenever possible
  • Established partnerships with local businesses

FiveW Pet treats are the perfect balance of healthy, tasty and sustainable. We look forward to hearing about your pups tail-wagging stories as they snack on one of our delicious hand-crafted treats. You can feel good knowing FiveW cares about your pets healt while supporting local and protecting the about the planet. SHOP NOW

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